Majority confident of political stability: survey

national June 16, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Most people surveyed by Bangkok Poll are confident the country's political atmosphere will become more stable and the economy will pick up in the next six months.

Of 1,093 respondents, 66.8 per cent said they believed the country’s economic, political, social and environmental sectors would improve, 23 per cent felt things would be the same and 10 per cent said it would get worse. When asked about the economy, 72 per cent believed the economy would pick up and 19.8 per cent said it would be the same, while 66.5 per cent believed the political environment would become more stable and 25 per cent thought it would remain the same.
Dusit Poll, meanwhile, released results of a survey on the things that made people happy since the National Council for Peace and Order seized power three months ago.
The top three were the end of political rallies (93 per cent), a return to a normal daily routine (87 per cent) and the freeze on gas and petrol prices (85 per cent).
They were followed by farmers being paid money owed to them under the rice-pledging scheme; solving economic problems and boosting investment; combating corruption; the NCPO’s determination and devotion in solving the country’s problems; increased public safety; and cracking down on drug dealers, people with illegal weapons and vice.
The bottom three were watching the football World Cup for free, watching the movie the “Legend of King Naresuan the Great” and “Return to Happiness” activities across the country. 
The poll was conducted from June 10-14 on 1,634 people across the country.