Let's make history together, NACC tells NLA

national January 22, 2015 17:25

By Kris Bhromsuthi
The Nation

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The antigraft agency Thursday urged the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) members to impeach former premier Yingluck Shinawatra in order to "make history together" by setting high ethical and moral standards for future leaders to follow.

“By punishing highranking public officials, you will set standards for future leaders and remind them of the necessity to possess higher moral and ethical principles than ordinary people,” said Wicha Mahakun, who represented the National AntiCorruption Commission.
The NACC member ended his closing statement before the NLA by saying, “I would like to urge NLA members, let us make history together.”
Wicha also portrayed the significance of the case in a historical context, as he said it would represent the most visible indictment of policyfraud since the country began cracking down on corruption.

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