Lese majeste 'monitor' vows to arm his group

national April 22, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Having been intimidated after announcing an online crusade against people violating the lese majeste law, Mongkutwattana General Hospital director Rienthong Naenna yesterday vowed to arm himself and other members - but only on their premises and in self d

Rienthong set up the Facebook page “Organisation to eradicate the rubbish of the nation”. A retired military doctor holding the rank of the major general, he pleaded with the national police chief not to take legal action against members of the group, saying they would be armed with war weapons only in self defence and on their premises.

Arming ourselves is needed to cope with the war weapons used by the movement of people violating lese majeste law, he said.
Rienthong said on Facebook last week that a group of men travelled in three vehicles near his home. On the organisation’s Facebook page, there is a post saying a rival Facebook page titled “Hunting down all Naenna family members” has been closed down, thanks to complaints by his supporters on Facebook.

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