Lawyer complains to EU about ‘intimidation’

national March 20, 2016 01:00


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THE lawyer for a man suspected of involvement in the “Khon Kaen model” plot to allegedly carry out attacks after the 2014 coup has sought help from the European Union (EU) over alleged intimidation by authorities.

Benjarat Meethien said that she had suffered intimidation by police and military officers after she filed a petition against authorities under the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) for dealing with a case involving her client.
In her letter submitted to the EU last week, the lawyer reported that the NCPO and authorities treated people unfairly. 
She also asked the EU to pressure the government to move detainees out of the temporary prison at a Bangkok military camp, claiming that they suffer from poor treatment and tough conditions. 
In December, the lawyer petitioned the United Nations but she discovered that no progress was made.
Benjarat said in late November she was threatened by unnamed authorities who were in a team investigating her case. They wanted her to withdraw her petition against certain authorities. 
She claimed that she was detained by military officers for two hours. She also saw police and military officers walking near her house, she added. 
“Even when I went to court for another case that I was dealing with, they followed me and waited for me for hours. The prosecutors there also witnessed this,” Benjarat said. 
The lawyer filed petitions against police and military officers involved in the issuing of an arrest warrant for her client, red-shirt activist Thanakrit Thongngernpherm.
Thanakrit was accused by the authorities of involvement in an alleged plot to stage violence during the “Bike for Dad” cycling event last December. The lawyer said her client was in Khon Kaen prison at the time and therefore was not involved in the alleged plot.
Weeks after she filed the petition, the officers involved sued the lawyer for defamation. In response she lodged a counter-suit against the officers for making a false accusation. 

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