Lawmakers must declare assets to NACC

national August 15, 2014 01:00

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Deadline for declaration set for Sept 7; NLA members can retain shareholdings

All National Legislative Assembly (NLA) members must submit their asset declarations to comply with the provisional charter, National Anti-Corruption Commis-sion (NACC) secretary-general Sansern Poljiak said yesterday.

Sansern was speaking after a meeting between the NACC and the Secretariat of the Senate over the legal inquiry into whether it is necessary for NLA members to declare their assets and liabilities to the NACC.
The NACC agreed that NLA members were political office holders under Article 6 of the 2014 provisional charter. The provision stipulates that NLA members carry out the roles of members of Parliament and senators, hence they are bound to file their asset declaration to the NACC.
Under Article 32 of the NACC Constitution Organic Act 1999, NLA members must submit their statement of assets and liabilities within 30 days of taking office or after taking the oath before the August 8 NLA session. 
The deadline for declaring assets is September 7, Sansern said.
The NLA members also have to comply with Article 35 of the NACC Constitution Organic Act by publicly revealing their asset statements.
Like senators and MPs, NLA members who fail to observe the law will be deprived of their voting rights for five years, he said.
Sansern added that NLA members who hold shares in companies or a firm with a state concession will be allowed to continue holding their shares owing to immunity granted by Article 41 of the interim charter. 
The provision stipulates that regulations on the qualifications or prohibition of persons holding political office shall not apply to NLA members. 
Meanwhile, NLA vice president-elect Surachai Liengboonlertchai said yesterday that the soonest the assembly can meet will be Monday, because as of press time, the NLA president and vice presidents had not been royally endorsed. 
The first item on the meeting’s agenda will be the 2015 Budget Bill, he said, adding that this was of top priority. 
An NLA source, who asked not to be named, said the Secretariat of the Senate had already prepared draft regulations for NLA meetings, which will be submitted to the assembly for consideration next week. 
The draft regulations also include specifications on how NLA members vote for the next prime minister. 
According to the draft, an NLA member has the right to nominate one person for the PM’s post. 
Only the nominee winning more than half of the votes from NLA members present at the meeting can become the premier. 
There are currently 197 NLA members. 

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