Jatuporn wants court to clarify its move

national June 27, 2012 00:00


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Red-shirt leader Jatuporn Promphan filed a letter with the Constitution Court yesterday seeking clarification on what he sees as an unfair and vindictive move against him by the court, which is seeking to revoke bail granted to him by the Criminal Court.

Minutes before submitting the letter, Jatuporn said the Constitution Court had “dishonest intent” and had violated the authority of the Criminal Court.

“If they can do this to me today, they will do the same to others,” Jatuporn told reporters and the dozen or so red-shirt supporters gathered outside the court premises. 
The Constitution Court sought to revoke Jatuporn’s bail on terrorism charges after he attacked the court in Parliament for attempting to block the third reading on the charter reform debate. 
Jatuporn said it was perfectly legal and constitutional for a citizen to criticise the judiciary and insisted that he had not threatened the court or its judges. 
“If I threatened the court in any manner, then it can file charges against me,” he challenged, adding that he would march from Democracy Monument to jail and go on a hunger strike if his bail is revoked. 
 “Those who are afraid of you are people who are afraid of losing their freedom. You can take my freedom, but you cannot harm this country,” he added.
Pimnicha Wattanapisit, 58, who came from Ayutthaya province to offer moral support to Jatuporn, said double standards were being employed here, because though the court wants to have Jatuporn thrown back into jail, those responsible for deaths in April and May 2010 are still walking freely. 

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