Integrity, loyalty to monarchy vital

national August 18, 2014 01:00


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MOST PEOPLE want the new Cabinet members to possess integrity and loyalty to the monarchy, Dusit poll released yesterday.

Of 1,368 respondents, 84 per cent said honesty and loyalty to the monarchy were the two most favourable qualifications they want in the new Cabinet members, 81 per cent said they wanted Cabinet members who were selected through a transparent and fair selection process. About 78 per cent said they wanted the new Cabinet members to have special skills and knowledge, about 69 per cent wanted ministers willing to devote themselves to the country and are decisive, 63 per cent wanted ministers who have vision and a good track record.

About 86 per cent wanted honest National Legislative Assembly members, 78 per cent wanted them to be knowledgeable in law and reform, 70 per cent wanted NLA members who are selected under a fair and transparent selection process.

Meanwhile a Nida poll said that most people agreed that spouses and members of the National Council for Peace and Order, the National Legislative Assembly and the National Reform Council including the charter drafting committee must submit an asset declaration, according to the survey results released yesterday.

Of 1,241 people surveyed from August 14-15, around 87 per cent believed that it was necessary that members of NCPO, NLA and NRC submitted an asset declaration.
The respondents who supported the move said that making these officials submit their statement of assets and liabilities would help prevent corruption and allow them to show their sincerity about working for the country and not for self-gain.
Those who disagreed with the move said that it was necessary because they had faith and belief in the NCPO and believed that people involved with these agencies were sincere and many were academics and veterans from the political sector. 
Around 81 per cent believed that spouses of these members must also declare their assets, 49 per cent said underage children of these members should also declare their assets.
Those who supported the asset declaration believe the measure can help prevent corruption and those who were against the move believed these members have the right to their privacy.

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