I'm Indian but I represented Thailand in talks with India

national February 05, 2014 00:00

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A senior Indian businessman said Wednesday he was puzzled with reports that the government wanted him deported.

Sathit Segal, a former president of Thai-Indian Business Association, meanwhile, said he immediately stopped speaking from the rally stage after the state of emergency was invoked last month.
“I’m perplexed to learn from the media that the government wants me deported. I do not understand this because what I said on stage was about loyalty to the monarch and the country. I have never criticised the government or the prime minister,” Sathit said.
He expressed confidence that he had done nothing wrong. 
He was born in India and moved to Thailand when he was five years old. He did not change his nationality though his four siblings are Thais as they were born in Thailand.
He had served in many governments including that of exPM Thaksin Shinwatra and was appointed as adviser to ministries six times, Sathit said. 
“It’s true that I’m an alien but I have represented Thailand in many talks with India. I’m an alien who has worked and helped Thailand for long time. I wonder where all the good things I have done for the country have gone,” he said, adding that he is most worried about his 90yearold mother.
Rally spokesman Akanat Promphan said the report about the deportation would negatively impact tourism and foreign investment in the country. He also wondered whether Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order was authorised to deport Sathit.

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