ISOC takes charge of national harmony

national May 31, 2014 00:00

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Sets up centres to teach warring sides to live with each other peacefully

The Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC) has taken charge of bringing all warring factions together to dissolve their differences and bring about national reconciliation by setting up “reform centres” across the country, ISOC spokesman Banphot Poonpien said yesterday.
Banphot said the junta chief, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, wanted differences in political ideas, even among family members, to disappear. 
Hence, he said, the commander wanted this reconciliation process to begin at the family level and later expand to villages, tambons, districts and provinces. 
“We have to learn to respect different opinions and learn how to live together despite these differences,” Banphot told reporters. 
“We don’t have a perfect model yet to get people to reconcile, but are holding some activities to bring different people together,” he said, adding that the military had realised that each area would have a different level of readiness for change. 
“We don’t have a quota for each group of people who subscribe to a different colour code of political views, but we want them to understand the importance of coming together and living together,” he said. 
The structure and the functions of these centres have not be clarified, but initially they would be based on the four regions of ISOC, he said, adding that the matter
will be further discussed on Mon-day before the measures are introduced. 
Prayuth wants to see genuine reconciliation, not just some vague version, Banphot added. 
‘Adjusted attitudes’
“What we have to do is adjust and tune the two extreme sides and bring them closer,” he said. 
Asked if the idea of dissolving the different political views would work, Banphot said people, notably those in the North and Northeast, should forget about everything that happened before the May 22 coup. They have to learn to live together peacefully, he reiterated. 
“I have heard that many key leaders have already adjusted their political attitudes and developed constructive ideas. 
“They are also not dwelling on past conflicts,” he said. “This is a good trend and later we would like to ask those leaders to help bring this positive attitude to their supporters.” 

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