Grenade attacks 'not meant to kill'

national March 31, 2014 00:00


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MOST PEOPLE believe that the grenade explosions near protest sites are used to intimidate and threaten protesters but not kill, according to Dusit Poll.

That was the view of about 95 per cent of the 1,246 people surveyed countrywide from Tuesday to Saturday. 

About 5 per cent believed that the throwing of grenades was not related to politics but may be a personal disagreement. 

When the respondents were asked what they thought about daily grenade explosions, 37.5 per cent said they were scared, 21 per cent said it destroyed the country’s image and had an affect on business, 20 per cent said they wanted to see police catch offenders and wanted to know the powerbrokers behind the attacks.

When asked what they fear most from the attacks, 42 per cent said family being hit, while 21 per cent said innocent people being hit. 

On how to solve the political conflict, 32 per cent said it was difficult to solve, 22 per cent said every side should suggest solutions, 19 per cent said the leaders of the government and People’s Democratic Reform Committee should think of what would help the country. 


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