Grenade aimed at Big C from parking lot across the road

national February 27, 2014 00:00


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It is believed that Sunday's deadly grenade, which killed two children, had been fired from a parking lot diagonally opposite Big C Ratchadamri.

“The spot is about 400 metres from where the grenade landed. Fresh cigarette butts were also found there,” forensic expert Dr Pornthip Rojanasunan said yesterday.

The M79 exploded in front of the Big C shopping mall, killing three and wounding many others.

The spot on the ninth floor of the parking lot of the Palladium Department Store is the most likely as the rally below could be seen clearly from there. Palladium is across the street and slightly to the right of the Big C shopping mall. Pornthip, who is the inspector-general of the Justice Ministry, looked around from the seventh to 10th parking levels of the building with Senator Paiboon Nitiwan, chairman of the Senate subcommittee on corruption prevention and monitoring the use of authority’s power and police.

Forensic police were asked to pour over the spot and collect evidence to check whether the DNA matched that found on the safety lever of the grenade.

It would also be compared to other evidence collected in previous attacks including those during the 2010 political unrest.

Paiboon said the spot also matched police’s calculations that the grenade could not have come from a building higher than 10 storeys.

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