Great demand for selfies with soldiers

national May 28, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

Soldiers deployed at many spots in downtown Chiang Mai are becoming increasingly popular with both tourists and local residents who pose with them for selfies.

The most popular spots are Three Kings Monuments, the Phae Gate, and Chang Puak Gate. At least 200 people are taking selfies each day. 
Since the military seized power in a coup last Thursday, snatching selfies with soldiers and tanks has become trendy in many places in Thailand and the soldiers seem happy to comply. 
Tourists and local residents are also showing their support by offering food, soft drinks and energy drinks and necessities to the soldiers. 
The Army has set up a tourism service post from which medical services and information are provided. The mobile medical units at Phae Gate and Huet Kaew Fitness Park are providing check ups and medications.

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