First Army area commander sets up panel to supervise fares of motorcycle taxis

national June 12, 2014 00:00

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First Army Area commander Lt Gen Thirachai Nakwanit set up a panel on Thursday that aims to prevent passenger vans, taxis and motorcycle taxis from overcharging passengers.

Thirachai, the commander of the peacekeeping force of the National Council for Peace and Order, said the panel would spend a month stamping out the overcharging problem..
He held a meeting with army agencies in charge of Bangkok and nearby provinces and Provincial Police Bureau 1, Provincial Police Bureau 2, Provincial Police Bureau 7 and the Traffic Police Divison, as well as the Land Transport Department to discuss the problems related to passenger services.
Thirachai said NCPO chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha was concern about passengers being overcharged so he assigned the peacekeeping force of the NCPO to look into the problems.
Thirachai said his agency would also solve problems of the van, taxis and motorcycle taxis parking their vehicles in such a way that they obstructed traffic.
He also warned mafia-controlled passenger vans and motorcycle taxis to stop overcharging passengers. He said his force knew who the leaders were and would summon them if they refused to coopertate.

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