Farmers break into Defence compound Monday

national February 17, 2014 00:00

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Farmers who broke into office of permanent secretary of defence on Monday broke down in tears as they spoke to military officers, saying they wanted to meet the premier to ask when her government will pay them pledged rice money.

They had been waiting outside the office compound since early morning but had failed to meet with officials.

About noon, they tore down the barbed wire and forced their way into the compound. They were met by antiriot soldiers who showed no resistance as the farmers pushed them aside with their hands.

The office sent two military officers to talk to the farmers. Many of the farmers started crying as they talked to negotiators.

Over the past week, the caretaker government has been seeking funds to pay the farmers what they are owed under the ricepledging scheme.

Yingluck declined to meet the farmers who travelled to the capital to seek an explanation about the scheme as well as the payments they are owed.


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