EC seeks charter court ruling on new poll for no-candidate constituencies

national March 04, 2014 00:00

By Nuntida Puangthong
The Nation

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The five Election Commission members have jointly petitioned the Constitutional Court to rule on the problems related to the 28 constituencies where there is no MP candidate, EC secretary-general Puchong Nutrawong said Tuesday.

The three questions the EC asked the Constitutional Court to rule on included whether the commission could go ahead and announce the opening of candidacy registration, and designate a new election date in the 28 constituencies. 
The second question was that if the EC has no mandate to issue such announcements, whether it would need issuance of a royal decree to amend the previous decree for dissolution of the House of Representatives, which is the mandate and responsibility of the prime minister. 
The third question was whether, in case a new royal decree needs to be issued, the election decree for the 28 constituencies in particular is allowed, or whether the royal decree must only designate new elections nationwide, as the Constitution requires an election to be on the same day nationwide, Puchong said.
He said the EC would respect the Constitutional Court’s ruling on these questions.