EC proposals to reform politics win support: Nida

national July 14, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Most people surveyed by a Nida Poll released yesterday support the Election Commission's proposal to reform politics by allowing MPs to serve no more than two four-year terms consecutively.

The poll conducted on Wednesday and Thursday found that 71 per cent of respondents approved of the proposal while 84 per cent supported the proposal to maintain party-list MPs who must come from various professions.
About 66 per cent of people agree with the proposal for permanent secretaries to take caretaker posts if ministers step down, while 60 per cent backed the proposal to ban spouses, parents and children of MPs and senators from applying as candidates in the same term of their relatives.
The EC has submitted its proposals on electoral reform to Defence secretary Surasak Kanjanarat, who heads the junta’s reform panel. 

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