EC problems remain in Trang

national January 08, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

The chief of Trang's provincial Election Commission has said he is prepared to go ahead and arrange polling in the southern province for the election on February 2 - but he faces some big hurdles.

Trang province can’t recruit EC directors or a committee to take charge of local seats, because the former EC officials resigned and many local people oppose a poll at this time. 
Trang EC chief Saneh Rakrong said there were no directors or election committees to run polling stations after the former EC director of the Trang EC resigned because of pressure from people in the South. The region is a stronghold of the opposition Democrat Party, which has opted to boycott the poll, saying it wants political reforms first.
“The recruitment [of a new provincial EC] is quite difficult. To date, the process to nominate EC directors for this area has not been completed. There are concerns about existing pressure and the likelihood that it is going to be difficult for the directors to work here,” Saneh explained. 

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