EC and govt at loggerheads on election

national January 16, 2014 00:00

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The Election Commission secretary general Somchai Srisitiyakorn on Thursday said his agency would keep trying to make an appointment with the caretaker premier to talk about the possibility of delaying the February 2 snap election.

He was speaking after Yingluck Shinawatra failed to meet with EC despite an invitation to do so, Somchai said.
Suranand Vejjajiva said Yingluck is busy chairing a meeting on national reform attended by representatives of several organisations at the Royal Thai Air Force headquarters at Don Mueang this afternoon and was thus unable to attend the meeting organised by the poll agency.
The caretaker premier earlier criticised the EC after the agency turned down an invitation to attended Wednesday's multifaction political forum hosted by the government. She said the EC should have received firsthand information from the meeting to assess the election situation.
The EC instead asked for a meeting with Yingluck today to discuss delaying the poll.
Meanwhile, prospective Pheu Thai MP candidates today filed police complaints against the five EC commissioners for negligence of duty for failing to organise the candidacy registration for constituency MPs in the southern provinces.
The complaints were filed at Thung Song Hong police station by prospective Pheu Thai MP candidates for Chumphon, Thanaisuathanapol Sukpan and Akkarapong Nilsuwan, as well as the prospective candidate for Trang Suthee Polawat.
Thanaisuathanapol said the EC resolved to ask the caretaker premier to postpone the election without appropriate reason even though the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for the Holders of Political Positions earlier ruled that the EC is dutybound to organise the snap poll.
He said the EC's move shows it is likely to avoid conducting the February 2 election, claiming that the process has been obstructed.
The prospective Pheu Thai candidate said he considered the poll agency as failing to perform its duty and that damages had been incurred. As of now, the prospective MP candidates in 28 districts in the southern region have been unable to register their candidacies even though the EC is authorised to issue regulations to facilitate the case.

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