Demonstrations at embassies condemned

national March 07, 2014 00:00

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The government's Centre for Maintaining for Peace and Order (CMPO) on Friday condemned the antigovernment protests at many foreign embassies, particularly at US Embassy on Thursday.

CMPO member Tarit Pengdith condemned in particular Uthai Yodmanee and Nitithorn Lumleua, leaders of Student and People Network for Thailand's Reform (STR), who led the protests.

The protesters on Thursday visited the embassies of Japan, the US, Russia, France and Australia. They handed over a letter protesting at Yingluck government, which they said had caused many obstacles to the country many obstacles just to please former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, brother of the caretaker premier.

They also called on the embassies to convey the message and for their countries to take sides with the protesters.

Every embassy but the US sent an official to receive the letter. After reading the letter, Uthai tore it into pieces and spread them in front of the US embassy on Wireless Road.

Tarit said Uthai’s actions should be considered as threatening foreign diplomats and badly affecting the 117year relationship between Thailand and the US.

The US embassy became a target of the similar activity in December last year when the protesters laid siege to the embassy and called for immediate transfer of US Ambassador Kristie Kenney.

“Therefore what the protesters did on Thursday in front of the US Embassy should be severely condemned,” Tarit said.

He also referred to separate shootings near Lumpini Park, the main rally site, on Thursday night, which led to two people being injured. He claimed that the shots came from inside the park.

Violent incidents are still occurring despite strict adherence by CMPO and relevant authorities to the Civil Court’s ruling not to use violence against the protesters.

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