Democrats to boycott July 20 poll again if Abhisit's proposal rejected

national May 02, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Democrat Party spokesman Chavanon Intharakomalsut said Friday that the Democrats would once again boycott the July 20 general election again if party leader Abisit Vejjajiva's reconciliation proposal is rejected.

Chavanon said if Abhisit’s proposal for bringing Thailand out of crisis were to be rejected, the country would slip back into the same old circle of conflicts and it would be useless for the Democrats to contest the election.
The Election Commission and the government have agreed to hold the new election on July 20 after the February 2 poll was nullified by the Constitutional Court.
“If that’s the case, everything will go back to the same point and we will be unable to move on because conflicts will remain and there will be disorder,” Chavanon said after being asked to comment on a scenario should Abhisit’s proposal be rejected.
“The election will become bloody so why should the Democrats join it?”
Asked whether the Democrats feared its former MPs would bolt if the party boycotts the election again, Chavanon said the Democrat did not fear defections and the party was confident that its members are politicians with principles.

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