Court official defends letter requesting officer's promotion

national April 29, 2014 00:00

By Kesinee Taengkhiao
The Nation

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Supreme Administrative Court secretary-general Derekrid Janekrongtham has defended his letter to the national police chief and a deputy, in which he recommended the promotion of a police officer, as rational and reasonable as well as legal.

A copy of the letter from Derekrid to national police chief Pol General Adul Saengsingkaew and his deputy Pol General Aek Angsananont asked for their consideration of Pol Lt-Colonel Chuthares Yingyongdam-rongsakul, deputy superintendent of crime suppression at Hua Mark police station, to be a superintendent.
The letter has been circulated on social media in Phranakornsarn Facebook. 
Chuthares has been providing security to Supreme Administrative Court president Hassavut Vititviriyakul.
Derekrid yesterday told the media that Hassavut agreed the court deserved court police, to serve as an accountable security unit. 
The Administrative Court president travelled out of office hours and needed police cooperation for security. Asking for trusted police officers to be in charge of the security then was reasonable, he said. “Pol Lt-Colonel Chuthares is a close friend of the court president’s nephew, so he is trusted to be able to do well in providing security for the president.
“Lt-Colonel Chuthares has sacrificed and done a good job in contributing to the work of the Administrative Court, so we asked for his support and let the officer’s supervisor consider [the request] instead of assigning an officer we don’t know to provide security,” he said.
“That might backfire in return,” he said, adding that some people could distort the fact and try to cause damage to the court or people.
In the letter to Aek, written informally last October, Derekrid said, “The president [of the Administrative Court] would like to support Lt-Colonel Chuthares Yingyongdamrongsakul, who is a close friend of his nephew, to have the rank of superintendent because he is a good man and has enough seniority. He is from Police Cadet Academy Class 47. (Most of his classmates have been promoted to superintendent.)” He asked for Aek’s advice on what he or Hassavut should do.
In the letter to Adul, written in January, he referred to the letter to Aek and asked for Adul’s support.

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