Court drops complaints against charter amendments

national July 13, 2012 00:00

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The Constitution Court on Friday ruled to drop the five complaints against charter amendments.


The court ruled that testimonials by the defendants and the five complainants did not prove that the on-going charter amendments would lead to the overthrowing of the Constitutional Monarchy.
The court ruled that the complainants were only speculating that amendments would lead to the overthrowing of the democratic system with the King as head of the state.
The court noted that the amendments to Article 291 clearly stated that the abolition of the current charter and the changing of the current ruling system could not be done.
The court noted that the 2007 Constitution had come from the people through a public referendum so its abolition would need to be done with another referendum.
But the court said amendments could be made constitutionally to improve articles that are problematic.
As a result, the court decided to drop the five complaints.
The court spent only 25 minutes for reading the ruling.
The verdict started with the court defending that its mandate under Article 68 to look into the complaints as to whether the amendments were tantamount to efforts to overthrow the Constitutional Monarchy or not.
The court reasoned that it had the mandate to try the case and suspend the amendments because it would have too late to wait until the amendments were made before judging whether or not they were unconstitutional.
The court also ruled that the people could invoke Article 68 to bypass public prosecutors to file the complaints with the court directly.

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