Court drops case over lack of strong proof

national March 27, 2014 00:00

By Kesinee Taengkhiao

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THE COURT of Appeal gave an alleged lese majeste offender the benefit of the doubt yesterday and acquitted him after the man's computer notebook - confiscated by police - was found to have been activated twice while he was in detention.

The court said the information in the computer, which was presented as evidence, might have been changed, as it had been activated prior to the day it was sent for examination.

Computer programmer Surasak Phuchaisaeng, 43, also known as Suraphak Phuchai-saeng, said he was relieved after hearing the ruling and hoped |it would set a precedent for others.

Suraphak was arrested and detained for 14 months before the court of first instance found him not guilty on October 31, 2012. He was accused of being behind a post defaming His Majesty.

Although the court of first instance had found him not guilty, the prosecutors continued to fight through the Court of Appeal.

Suraphak said he had no plan to sue police who arrested him, leading to 14-months in jail.

The Appeal Court had said that as there was no foolproof evidence that Suraphak was the person behind the messages, he must be acquitted.


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