Court accepts MPs' lawsuit accusing judges of corruption

national February 26, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

A group of former Pheu Thai MPs has filed a lawsuit with the Criminal Court accusing six Constitutional Court judges of malfeasance.

The judges have been accused of unlawfully ruling that a charter amendment bill seeking to change the composition of the Senate violated the constitution.
Former Pheu Thai MPs are led by Amnuay Khlangpha, a former government chief whip, plus Pichai Kiatwinaisakul, Pahol Worapanya, Worachai Hema and Somkid Chuakhong.
The former Pheu Thai MPs state in the lawsuit that they were among the 314 legislators who last year put forward a bill to amend the Constitution to try to change the way the Senate is made up. The amendment, if passed, would have made the Upper House a fully elected chamber.
On November 8, the six judges accepted for consideration four petitions filed by Gen Somjed Boontanom and others, accusing the 314 legislators of try?ing to topple the democratic administra?tion in violation of Section 68 of the Constitution. 
The Constitution Court later voted 6-3 to rule that the legislators had breached the constitution. 
The Criminal Court accepted the MPs’ lawsuit for consideration.

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