Cabinet to consider life improvement proposal for southern Muslims

national October 11, 2012 00:00

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A five-point proposal to improve the quality of life of Thai Muslims possibly a non-violent solution to the long-standing crisis in the deep south - is to be submitted to the cabinet for approval, said senior official of the PM's Office.


PM's Office permanent secretary Tongthong Chandrangsu said the proposed measures would include mental and physical rehabilitation, additional welfare, better education and housing, and frequent visits to villages by provincial and national government figures to create better understanding among local people.
The proposal emerged from a meeting of the committee on rehabilitation of people affected by the southern unrest on Wednesday chaired by Justice Minister Pracha Promnok, Thai News Agency reported.
The meeting marked the first anniversary of the committee. Tongthong said the committee, though criticised by some, has also received compliments for its achievements.
He said the government would resort to negotiations and peaceful solutions to the problems in the three southernmost provinces of Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala.
Pol Col Tawee Sodsong, secretary general of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre, said many southerners have been detained without specific charges against them, adding that the authorities have already assisted 200-300 detainees in this category.
Such detainees will be compensated if they had not violated the emergency decree or martial law, he said.

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