Book that reveals Yingluck's true self stuck at the press

national October 18, 2013 00:00

By Panya Thiosangwan
The Nation

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WASSANA NANUAM, who was expecting her new book "Pluay

The Bangkok Post reporter explained her book about Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra could not go ahead as it was awaiting final approval from the “boss”. The book is being printed by Post Books. 

“The publishing house said that they are waiting for ‘the boss’ to decide if it should go ahead. It might not be ready in time for the book fair or at a push, might be ready nearer the closing of the expo,” she said. 
Wassana has been promoting the book on Facebook and many fans have asked if it could be found at the book fair. 
She went on to explain that the “boss” is possibly a high-ranking executive of the publishing house, who is possibly consulting the legal team on whether the book might result in the author and publisher getting sued. 
She said neither Yingluck nor PM’s secretary-general Suranand Vejjajiva had read the manuscript or seen layout before printing, but did get the final draft before it was sent to the printer. Suranand said Yingluck complained she did not like her cover photo or the book title. 
Wassana said she had clarified that the book was about Yingluck’s “self” and how she deals with her job as a woman. It also explains how she has to be tolerant as a prime minister and also her problems with being a political newbie.
 The book also features the prime minister’s answers and explanations over the many issues she has been attacked over. The word “pluay”, which could mean naked in Thai, was possibly used to attract readers, while Wassana said the heart icon before the PM’s name was used to show that it is positive. Also, the author said, the PM looks tough in the cover photograph. 

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