Australia to continue fruitful relations with Thailand despite the coup

national June 16, 2014 00:00

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Australian Ambassador to Thailand James Wise said Monday that though his government has grave concerns on the coup, it will continue to engage fruitfully with Thailand.

Wise reiterated that Australia has reduced its military engagement with Thailand, and that three planned military activities have been postponed.

But, he emphasised that, contrary to some reports, other activities in the defence relationship as well as activities in the broader bilateral relationship have not been affected.
He was speaking at the opening of a workship on improving research outcomes in Thailand, according to the embassy's statement.
In his opening remarks, the ambassador said Australia’s involvement in this workshop was a clear indication that, even though the Australian Government has grave concerns about Thailand’s recent military coup, Australia will continue to engage fruitfully with Thailand.
Wise said, “This workshop is living proof of our continuing engagement, and living proof that Australia wants to work with Thailand in fields where we can learn from each other’s experience.”
The aim of the workshop, which is co-funded by the Australian Government and the Office of the Higher Education Commission, is to help Thai universities to improve their research outcomes and increase their domestic and international collaboration.
The workshop is being attended by vice-presidents and other representatives of Thailand’s nine National Research Universities and Naresuan University, as well as government policy makers and researchers.

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