Arrest warrants against rally leaders should be revoked : Thaworn

national March 19, 2014 00:00

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Revoking the emergency decree today will automatically nullify various charges against 19 anti-government core leaders, said a rally leader.

Thaworn Senneam, said the movement's lawyers will petition the Criminal Court to withdraw charges against the 19 leading members.

The government earlier charged them with unlawfully gathering more than five people and issued arrest warrants for them.

Meanwhile the rally’s spokesman Akanat Promphan said ending the state of emergency would not have any impact on the anti-government rally and the group will not adjust its political strategy.

He sympathised with the six independent agencies intending to mediate the political stalemate which were unfairly charged by pro-government groups for trying to remove the government.

The six independent agencies on Monday offered to set up a neutral committee to mediate the political conflicts and encouraged a dialogue between the caretaker government and the PDRC. But both conflicting parties turned down the offer.


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