Army to ask CMPO to step up security measures

national January 27, 2014 00:00

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Army Commander in Chief Gen Prayuth Chanocha will ask the government's peacekeeping centre to increase security in the aftermath of violence during yesterday's advance voting.

Deputy Army spokesman Col Winthai Suvaree quoted Prayuth as expressing sorrow over the death of Sutin Tharatin who was shot dead during the attempted blocking of a polling station in Bang Na district on Sunday.
“The army chief is worried at the violence during political demonstrations and will ask the Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) to consider tightening measures to ensure safety for the protesters,” the spokesman said.
The attack occurred in broad daylight in public, he said, adding that no one should exploit the incident to intensify the conflict.
Meanwhile, Issara Somchai, key leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), said the group would not mobilise its supporters to other locations today.
He condemned the caretaker government for allowing the red shirt supporters and gunmen, who are believed to be Cambodia hires, to harm Thai people. No arrests have yet been made.
Issara said the PDRC leaders are reviewing security measures and rally strategies to ensure the crowd's safety. He added that the protest leaders themselves also need to be careful when addressing the crowd from opentop pickup trucks or mobile rally stages.
Following the CMPO announcement that it would negotiate with the PDRC to return the rally sites, Issara insisted that the antigovernment movement would not leave the compounds they have seized provided that their rallies remained peaceful.
Issara also expressed hope that the court would accept the complaint filed by PDRC protest leader Thaworn Senneam, which seeks the revocation of the 60day state of emergency imposed last week by the caretaker government.


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