Army chief acknowledges retired top brass group's request

national May 13, 2014 00:00

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A proposal by a group of retired senior military officers to seek HM the King's advice on the deepening political crisis is an option but whether it could be implemented would depend on many factors including rules, acceptance and appropriateness, Army ch

Prayuth said he already read the proposal addressed to him and other top commanders, which was submitted by the group last week.

The group said it expected the commanders in chief of the army, navy and air force as well as the supreme command to decide on the proposal before May 14.
“I already read the proposal, meaning I am already informed of it. The proposal is just the group’s idea and there is no pressure for its acceptance. It was sent to me for consideration only. I call on the public not to criticise it.”
“Gen Saiyud and the group was offering an option only. Whether that option could be implemented or not would depend on the rules, conditions, acceptance and other factors, which would need to be studied in detail to prevent further obstacles,” the army chief said.
It was not reliant on refusal or acceptance by the armed forces, as it would have to pass through many procedures and involve others to examine the issue.
“We do however appreciate their loyalty to the monarch and their determination to bring peace to the country. It’s better than those who do nothing but negatively criticise others without giving any thought to the damage this is causing the country,” he said. 

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