Armed navy officers underground on drug detail: Navy

national January 21, 2014 00:00

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The Navy on Tuesday reaffirmed that the three armed Navy officers who were detained by police last week were taking part in a special drug crackdown, its secretary Rear Admiral Kan Diubon said on Tuesday.

They were part of a 10-member team officially working undercover to gather intelligence and information about the smuggling of drugs from the east to the capital.

Police arrested and detained three Navy officers at a road checkpoint on January 15 after weapons including guns were found in a vehicle. The search also revealed security cards of Students and People Network for Thailand’s Reform.

Kan said that after the incident, all officers were ordered to return to their office to prevent further misunderstanding and possibly cause conflicts in the ongoing demonstration.

Referring to the security guard’s cards, the general said it was necessary that they have to have them to facilitate their investigation in the rally sites.

The vehicle and weapons are officially registered for use on the mission, he added.

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