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national July 08, 2013 00:00

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Our published article titled "Many wonder about Yingluck's 'ice-cream gang' and its power" in the July 6, 2013 edition contained an inaccuracy that has caused serious damage to some persons mentioned in it.

After we found out about the error, we published in the July 7, 2013 edition an apology to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, Sansiri Plc president Srettha Thavisin, and all persons who may have been affected by the inaccuracy. 
We also immediately contacted PM’s Secretary General Suranand Vejjajiva to express our apology and remorse, so that the prime minister has been informed of our deep regrets. In addition, we have made preparations to deliver an official apology to the prime minister. 
Our apology and our remorse have also been sent to Srettha. 
We are deeply sorry for the damage caused. Our internal probe has found that the inaccuracy occurred during the rewriting process. The rewriter involved, the editor and the managing editor of The Nation have been harshly punished with suspension from duty. 
We are aware that the inaccuracy affected the credibility of all media outlets of the Nation Multimedia Group too. Therefore, we have established a work panel to review the work process with the ultimate goal of preventing such an inaccuracy from recurring. 
The Editorial Team of The Nation
July 8, 2013

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