Amnesty bill withdrawn: Yingluck

national November 08, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has affirmed that all draft bills related to amnesty have been withdrawn from the legislature.

"I want to alleviate the people’s concern – the amnesty bill has already been dropped and all amnesty-related drafts were withdrawn," she said.

The embattled premier made three consecutive statements on the amnesty bill starting on Tuesday, aiming to pacify the anti-amnesty protests.

On Wednesday night she cut short her inspection trip to three eastern provinces in order to return to the capital in the face of escalating protests.

She said her Pheu Thai Party had sought and received House approval to remove draft legislation on political clemency.

"The people should rest assured that the push for amnesty has ended," she said.

Yingluck said there was no truth to the allegation that the amnesty bill was designed to void corruption cases.

She dismissed concerns that her government would crack down on the protests.

The prime minister said she wanted to see the restoration of peace and a return to normalcy. Therefore, only police were deployed to keep the peace, she said.

There were no plans to deploy soldiers to control the crowds, she said, pledging not to use force to disperse the rallies. She called for an end to the street protests.

"My government will not do anything contrary to the people’s feelings," she said.

She urged her opponents to submit their demands and grievances to the government in lieu of protesting in the streets.