Air Force to seek legal action against Ko Tee

national March 07, 2014 00:00

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The Royal Air Force is seeking legal action against a hardcore redshirt leader for allegedly supporting separatism in the country, said commander in chief ACM Prachin Chantong on Friday.

The general was referring to Wutthipong Kachathamkhun, also known as Ko Tee, who allegedly involved in installing banners promoting partition.

He said his officers are collecting evidence to file charges against Wutthipong who reportedly admitted that he erected banners promoting divising Thailand.

The banners were erected in Bangkok's Don Mueang district where the Royal Air Force headquarters is located.

He said he has called a meeting with concerned officials to collect the information and evidence, saying the air force is ready to discuss with police which offences Ko Tee's action can be considered and whether police or soldiers will file charges against him.

If police will not take action, the air force will do it, as the army has done, ACM Prachin said.

He was referring to Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha's order for the the Third Region Army Command to file separatism charges against the red shirt group in Chiang Mai after the group show supports for separating the country.


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