Agencies told to boost good governance, transparency

national June 06, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Government agencies and state enterprises have been ordered to strictly observe eight measures in an effort to reform the bureaucracy with goals of boosting good governance, transparency and public confidence in the system.

Acting permanent secretary for the PM’s Office ML Panadda Diskul, who also serves as Interior Ministry deputy permanent-secretary, called a meeting of concerned officials to discuss bureaucratic reform at a time when there is no elected government.
He said even though the country had undergone a series of bureaucratic reforms over an extended period, the reform process must continue in order to respond to change, create public confidence, boost transparency and justice, as well as public accessibility.
He said all government agencies must work together under a strategic plan with the focus of achieving results effectively by strictly following eight measures.
l Create public confidence by providing services with a peopled-centre approach, training staff to possess a service-oriented mind.
l Boost efficiency, professionalism and modernity in all agencies. Restructure the agencies to become lean, simple, efficient, fast, cost effective, worthwhile and responsible.
lBoost efficiency in natural resource management for maximum benefits and reduce waste.
lApply an integrated management system and develop a system to create efficient coordination among stage agencies at the central, regional and local levels.
lPromote cooperation in all sectors. Enhance coordination between the state and other sector. Focus on public participation and transfer insignificant works to other sectors.
l Promoting transparency and good governance. Discreetly put in place checks and control measures on budgets.
l Extend results of the projects under the Office Under Royal Graciousness.
l Get the Thai bureaucratic system ready for Asean integration.

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