Activist kicked, hit after trying to disrupt Democrat assembly

national March 28, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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An activist, who earlier attempted to disrupt a Democrat seminar, was hit and kicked after he tried to interrupt the party's assembly at Miracle Grand Hotel on Friday.

Ake Auttagorn was surrounded by ordinary members of the party who shouted at him and chased him from the fourth floor of the hotel to the lobby.
Party members accused him of being “Thaksin’s servant”, to which retorted that they were “Dictators’ servants”. During the commotion, someone hit Ake in the face, knocking off his sunglasses. Another jump-kicked him on the back. He was taken out of the hotel by security officers.
Before the commotion, Ake and two men stood in front of the assembly room, holding signs saying: “Do you hear the people sing?” and “We are the people”. He also shouted that the Democrat party should reform itself before seeking to reform the country.
Ake earlier held a sign saying “Respect my vote” during a Democrats-organised seminar on the country’s reform at the Bangkok Museum.

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