Abhisit defended by party faithful for use of "rude" words

national September 16, 2013 00:00

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Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva is apparently facing more criticism after using some harsh and aggressive words in his two recent political rallies though he did not mention at whom the words were aimed.

Political scientist Assadang Panikbutr said Abhisit was not acting like a gentleman by using such rude words.

“Abhisit thought his strategy worked well but in fact it’s not democratic. However, he might not care because most Bangkokians still support the Democrats,” he said. 

Political parties should join force with academia to investigate corruption or to set checks and balances on government power, he said.
Thawilwadee Bureekul, Director of the Research and Development Office at King Prajadhipok Institute, said that when the opposition party could not play their full role in the House because they were blocked by the majority, then they had to play outside.
“It’s normal to use a harsh word implicating the ruling Pheu Thai Party. MPs can be attacked [as public figures]. If they are really good, they should not care [about the criticisms] and carry their parliamentary duties to the best of their abilities,” she said.
She suggested that the ruling party should not block the opposition party MPs from debate or discussions in the House otherwise there would be more political rallies outside the Parliament. However, the Democrats should review their use of political statements because it won’t help to increase their popularity.
“The Democrat should try to reach voters and convince them to vote for them instead,” she said. 
Democrat MP Ongart Klampaiboon defended Abhisit words, pointing out that such speech was normal at a rally and that it was a personal speech. He said he believed public would understand his party leader’s statement.
Democrat spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut insisted that the political party has no plans to appoint a new leader.
Chavanond said all Democrat MPs still support the incumbent leader, Abhisit, thanks to his commitments to facing hurdles. 
He also attacked Pheu Thai spokesman Prompong Nopparit about the improper remark on possible change. Prompong should ask all Pheu Thai MPs if all know the party leader’s name.

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