A day of emotions and action

national November 25, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Here is a chronology of events during yesterday's anti-government protest.

8.35am: Anti-government protesters are unable to march past police barricades at Makhawan Rangsan Bridge to join the Royal Plaza rally. The situation intensifies. 

8.47am: The Royal Plaza rally stage announces a five-minute deadline for police to open Makhawan Rangsan Bridge.
8.50am: Some demonstrators try to get in on trucks.
8.55am: Police fires tear gas at protesters, claiming protesters were trying to break into Government House, which is one of the restricted areas.
9.10am: Police and protesters continue their confrontation on the bridge, while Pitak Siam leader Boonlert “Seh Ai” Kaewprasit, on stage at the Royal Plaza, urges protesters to bring water to aid tear-gas-affected protesters.
9.30am: A total of 132 demonstrators are arrested, including ASTV photographer Santi Tehpia and Thai PBS cameraman Pattanasak Woradet, but the two are released later after fellow reporters inform police they were on duty.
9.40am: Seh Ai urges police to stop firing tear gas and take responsibility for what they had done. He also asked for three hours to assess the situation before announcing the next move.
9.41am: Police tell demonstrators to make a detour to the Wat Benjama intersection and the First Division intersection, where they will be allowed to pass through. 
10am: Police fire tear gas at protesters at the Miskawan intersection to prevent them from breaking through a police barricade there.
10.42: Seh Ai urges people to join the protest without fear.
11.20: Former chief adviser to the Supreme Command, General Pathompong Kesornsuk, tells demonstrators to stay their ground and wait for more backup protesters at the bridge.
11.24am: The number of injured persons are reported at 11, including five policemen.
1.30pm: At the Miskawan intersection, protesters pressure police to open Makhawan Rangsan Bridge, resulting in firing of tear gas.
2pm: It is reported that Santi Asoke Buddhist sect leader Phra Photirak is among those injured from the tear gas. 
2pm: Red-shirt leader Thida Thawornseth calls on the red shirts to remain calm and wait for further instructions from the leaders. 
2.40pm: At the Royal Plaza, Seh Ai plays an audio clip, which he alleged had the voices of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra and some red-shirt leaders talking about the monarchy.
2:45pm: Protest leaders try to use a six-wheel truck to break through police lines at Makhawan Rangsan Bridge.
3.08pm: The number of injured persons is reported at 18, including seven policemen.
Around 3.30pm: While the stand-off is ongoing, protesters prepare water-soaked clothes to protect themselves from tear gas, and police are told to be patient. Police warn they will use tear gas if the protesters press on. Tul Sitthisomwong, the multicoloured movement leader, announces they will not seize Government House but aim to take Rajdamnoen Avenue in the evening.
4.30pm: Boonlert says measures ready for more protesters to come and claims to “unveil a trump card”.
5.15pm: The protest leaders call off the rally.
5.30pm: Heavy rains lash the protest site.

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