Zionists have given Israel a free pass to slaughter civilians

your say August 08, 2014 01:00

Re: "Muddled thinking on Gaza", Letters, August 7.

Andy Leiter, an apologist for Israel, says Israel warns Palestinians to seek shelter so they don’t get killed when it bombs them. Has he forgotten that Israel shelled a UN shelter housing Palestinians? With Gaza blockaded, where were the Palestinians supposed to go?
He also implies that I condone Muslim terrorism. As a dues-paying member of Amnesty International, I belong to an organisation that has fought against rights abuses everywhere in the world. And that’s the difference between Zionists and I. While I make no exceptions when I condemn rights abuses, Zionists believe Israel deserves a free pass to slaughter as many women and children as it pleases. In fact, in 1982, Ariel Sharon, Israel’s then-defence minister, sent the Christian Lebanese militia into the Palestinian refugee camps, where they slaughtered 1,700 people while Israeli soldiers made sure no one could escape. Sharon was later rewarded for these atrocities by being elected prime minister in a landslide.
Mr Leiter, where is your conscience?
Eric Bahrt