Yingluck's war and farmers' frozen assets

your say March 06, 2014 00:00

Re: "NACC to file lawsuits against masterminds behind HQ siege", Politics, March 5.

Mistakes have been made by all parties concerning the rice pledging scheme. Yingluck has claimed that although she is the chair of the rice-pledging committee, nothing that has happened is her responsibility and she is innocent of the charges brought by the NACC.  The red shirts have surrounded the NACC’s office and threatened the lives of the commissioners. Why is that necessary if Yingluck is innocent?
Yingluck and the red shirts have both claimed that the NACC is biased. The NACC has got off on the wrong foot with the charge against the PM by charging the red shirts for the NACC siege. Another claim of bias against the commission will follow, which rightly or wrongly will add weight to the accusations that the “independent agencies” are biased, which the foreign press will be eager to accept.  It will “justify” Yingluck’s war, which is likely to break out if she is sent down.
If the NACC does not convict Yingluck, it will let the farmer’s down by not convicting the person that put them into their current position. If it does convict, it will let the farmer’s down because there will be no government to pay them – unless the NACC can unlock the Bt30 billion from Yingluck’s brother’s freezer. It is his policy after all.
Richard Bowler