Yingluck should follow the GSB chief's example and quit

your say February 24, 2014 00:00

The rulers are accused of violating laws and now also of cheating farmers. Have they really got carte blanche when you still see them in power?

Are there no tools in the Thai “democratic toolbox” to get rid of undemocratic actions and law-breaking PMs and governments when they sadly and regrettably not do not understand or maybe haven’t shame enough to understand they have to go? 
Is a military coup really the absolute only option and the only language politicians of this kind can understand in such cases in the Thai “democracy”, as “democracy” is functioning and defined in Thailand just now? 
The head of the GSB bank made a huge mistake. The only language he understood was when Bt30 billion walked out of the bank in 24 hours. But credit to him, he had shame enough or was wise enough to understand he had to step down. 
Imagine if Yingluck and the government had come to that point so no more lives are lost in the ongoing battle about what democracy is and should be?
A Johnsen
Chon Buri