Yingluck just the fall-gal in this fiasco

your say April 26, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Yingluck had nothing to do with current political stalemate", Letters, April 25.

Somsak Pola is correct to claim Yingluck Shinawatra is not to blame for the current political stalemate. She is, thanks to seeming Shinawatra nepotism, simply an underachieving society woman who was thrust into the role of prime minister. Make no mistake: Thaksin Shinawatra is almost completely in charge of the leadership. However, Mr Pola was incorrect to blame the Democrats, the courts, the PDRC and others for this present deadlock. This trouble essentially began with the amnesty bill. Thaksin should have guessed it would cause a massive backlash. Indeed, most Thais could have predicted a big uproar, with massive protests to follow such a blunder. The rice price-pledging scheme also gave fuel to anti-government demonstrators. This is because anyone who can perform simple calculations will discover that the subsidies to rice farmers will eventually bankrupt Thailand. Also, corruption is worse than ever under the Pheu Thai Party, and the police seem to work only for Thaksin. Worst of all, red-shirt threats and violence are condoned by the caretaker government. Tell me, Mr Pola, what Thai of good conscience can tolerate all this?
Phibbs Phibbs