Yingluck has a choice: save face or save the country

your say April 01, 2014 00:00

This country has an accountability problem. Citizens in our face-saving society expect to be given a break, whether for a traffic offence or a multibillion-baht fiscal disaster.

We will whine about double standards, over zealous independent agencies and judicial coups. We will refuse to show up to acknowledge the charges and defend ourselves, though we claim they’re spurious. We will cite our own selective poll figures and claim “the people” are being robbed of “democracy”, though we know that elections in Thailand are money driven, rather than cognitive ballot choices. Or we will dig our heels in, confident in our powerful backers and refuse to accept any culpability in our hypocritical stances, whichever side we bat for. Our leaders speak of wanting to solve people’s problems and make the country better for them but are unwilling to accept criticism and show leadership by bringing about personal change. Above all, when censured for doing a poor job, we never, ever, show humility and face up to the consequences of our actions. Thus, our history of costly mistakes and political discord continually repeats itself. Imagine if a prime minister made history this week by breaking the cycles and proving otherwise.

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