Yingluck had nothing to do with current stalemate

your say April 25, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Madam Prime Minister, please just quit", Tell It As It Is, April 24.

Madam Pornpimol, you say “millions of us” want Yingluck to quit. Could you be more specific? Two million, perhaps? 10 million? 65 million? You also say “ballot boxes are literally stuffed and technically rigged”. I assume you have evidence of this? Good journalists don’t surmise – they show credible evidence.
For your information, Yingluck quit her post on December 9, 2013, after she dissolved Parliament. She is now “acting” prime minister. The reason we need an acting PM is that, in case a spaceship loaded with aliens lands in Thailand and they demand to see our leader, we know who to take them to.
By law, when Parliament is dissolved, a new election must be held – the Election Commission is responsible for that. But when the “peaceful” PDRC gentlemen blocked candidates from registering, what did the EC do? Nothing.
The feckless EC, the whiny Democrats, the ferocious PDRC and the farcical court have all contributed to the current political stalemate. Yingluck has nothing to do with it.
Somsak Pola
Samut Prakan