Yingluck befuddled by her own statement

your say March 02, 2014 00:00

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Re: NACC's hasty move in rice scandal a sop to opposition: PM, Politics, February 21.

Yingluck, in answering to the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s claim that there was sufficient evidence to charge her with dereliction of duty in connection with the rice-pledging scheme, accused the NACC of working in line with those who want to bring down the government.
_ By saying this, you are not only politicising the matter-but are evasive in answering the charges against you.
Yingluck claimed to have been committed to serving Thais with honesty, integrity and her utmost efforts; and that she would not let them down.
_ Then why did you not come out to confront the farmers who are in Bangkok to ask you for their rice payments? Why are you avoiding these abject people whom you are supposed to serve?
Yingluck said as chairwoman of the National Rice Policy Committee, she was responsible for policy-making, while implementation of the scheme was by government agencies under her policy directions.
_ That’s exactly correct. As one who is on top of such policy-making, it is definitely you who must be number one on the list of people to be charged with dereliction of duty and possible corruption.
Do you realise your responsibility now, PM Yingluck?
Vint Chavala