Williams' death shows life is not all about money

your say August 25, 2014 01:00

Sometimes I don't see eye to eye with Eric Bahrt, but this time I concur. The Robin Williams incident shows that gobs of money does not equal contentment or happiness.

He was very rich. He could have hopped on a plane and gone 1st class to any destination on the planet: Bora Bora, St Moritz, whatever, .... and got a deluxe suite at the best hotel and eaten the most expensive food on the menu – at any time. But he snuffed himself out. Sad. 
I’m the same age as Robin, and I worry about money, but his death has helped me become less concerned. It’s a reminder, to me, that money is not such a big deal. Even if I was destitute, I could still hang out somewhere and enjoy the weather and music and conversations with interesting people. Everyone’s got a story. The world’s population has seized on Williams because he was so well known for his entertainment career. I meet many people of that age and can say: they all have insights and stories to tell, probably as interesting as Robin’s, though not told in as hurried and razor-witted a manner.
Ken Albertsen 
Chiang Rai