Will the liberal, intelligent members of Pheu Thai please step forward

your say March 28, 2014 00:00

Re: "Taking the law into their own hands", Editorial, March 27.

I couldn’t agree more with your editorial on the Foreign Ministry’s recent release of an international statement condemning the Constitutional Court’s annulment of the February 2 election as “undemocratic”. This action, which shows the ministry has taken a politically biased stance, is nothing less than a national disgrace! 
Instead of making trouble and further tarnishing the Foreign Ministry’s reputation, Minister Surapong should learn that good sense and decency are what enhances democracy. He and his Pheu Thai Party need to understand that democracy is about more than winning the majority of votes. It’s also about using that majority in Parliament in the best interest of the nation. At present, Pheu Thai seems to be using its majority to forward the interests of its self-serving cronies while applying various underhanded means, including bullying and violence, to silence any opposition.
There are abundant examples of good governance around the world from which the minister and the ruling party could learn. Now is the time for the more liberal and intelligent members of Pheu Thai to stand up, do the honourable thing and spare us the embarrassment of the tyrannous actions of their colleagues.