Why this obsession with Western democracy?

your say May 23, 2014 00:00

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Every day, articles and letters in The Nation mention foreign governments urging Western-style democracy for Thailand.

What seems unclear to most of the writers is that Western-style democracy is a sham, designed by the West so that their proxies can exert control on a state. The West can thus “legally” control foreign policy and central banking and set up military bases in that state. If a country doesn’t permit or has yet to adopt this Western democracy model, they are “punished” with sanctions. If a country accepts the model, but the “wrong” party wins, every effort is made to destabilise that state, even going as far as to assassinate its leader. The only time this pressure is relinquished is when Western powers already have full control of a state through a powerful, military-backed dictatorship. Then, democracy doesn’t really count. Where a country is too big to control, sanctions are followed by Western military force.
 Only if a clear-thinking military were to appoint wise, expert technocrats to run government would it be possible dissolve this Western-democracy model, which encourages non-stop fighting between opposing political parties. The country could then be allowed to peacefully prosper. The people could still be given a vote, on which new laws should or shouldn’t be passed. The new technocrats would also need to tell the West to mind it’s own business.
Thomas Turk