Why such a harsh opinion of a foreigner stating his feelings?

your say February 16, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Why tolerate expats who support insurrection?" Letters, February 14.

I normally respect Eric Bahrt’s opinions, as he is a person of integrity. However, his support of Satish Sehgal’s deportation displays some faulty perceptions on his part. Mr Bahrt assumes that the protesters are trying to overthrow a legitimate government in a legitimate democracy.
However, it’s not that simple. First, this Thaksin government is just that: a Thaksin government.
The de facto leader of the caretaker government is a criminal fugitive living overseas. How democratic is that? Second, instead of being loyal to the Thai nation or even law and order, senior police officers and also rank and file police officers are loyal to the fugitive Thaksin. CMPO and the DSI are mere arms of the Pheu Thai party. Further, despite 11 deaths and 500 injuries inflicted on the protesters, the Thai police can’t find even one of the assailants. Indeed, only alleged lawbreakers amongst the protesters wind up being arrested. Finally, the Thai police are wasting time and energy hounding those who feed, fund or shelter anti-government demonstrators. The point is that Mr Sehgal’s arrest and (attempted) deportation is merely one act in a series of injustices committed by the Thaksin regime and its law enforcement agencies.
Thailand is in a state of anarchy, mainly because of the autocratic, unjust, incompetent, corrupt and lawless Pheu Thai government and its numerous failed policies. Who can blame anyone who loves Thailand, including a foreigner like Mr Satish, from joining the protesters? How can Mr Bahrt, normally a man of good conscience, condone such an injustice as deporting a man who simply spoke his mind at a rally? Finally, I had thought Mr Bahrt was opposed to the death penalty. Well, the government has charged numerous protest leaders with insurrection, which carries the death penalty. I wonder how Mr Bahrt defends that? 
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