Why rice subsidies in Thailand?

your say February 18, 2014 00:00

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Why farm subsidies? Many places in Europe farms are subsidised because of their poor climate for farming - some have hardly one growing season.

To be as self-sufficient as possible in case of war or other catastrophes, subsidies are given to keep a basic number of farms running which otherwise wouldn’t have survived in our now global economy.
Thailand was world biggest rice exporter, but is now in a total mess because of the rice scam subsidy. And this in a land where nature lets you harvest up to three times a year. What was that 50 per cent overpriced rice for, other than vote-buying? 
And what now? Are the farmers in solidarity with each other? Do those who have already been paid continue to sell their vote to Pheu Thai, or will they support their now-starving colleagues by voting different next time? 
A Johnsen
Chon Buri